Craigslist Stings

To combat the proliferation of sex crimes on the internet, law enforcement here in Orlando and throughout Florida engage in Craigslist stings, whereby an undercover officer posts or responds to Craigslist ads in order to engage users in sex crime-related activity.

Law enforcement are specifically looking to engage or track online users participating in the following activities:

  • Thinly-disguised prostitution, whereby sex is offered for "donations",
  • Arranging to meet with a minor to engage in illegal sex acts.

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    Entrapment on Craigslist

    Sometimes, law enforcement can overstep the rules and procedures used to catch those accused of engaging in criminal activities on Craigslist.

    For example, when attempting to catch someone who is arranging to meet a minor, the police may fail to clearly state the undercover operative's juvenile "age", or they may use a photo that doesn't resemble a minor.

    In other cases, the police may overly-direct the conversation, steering a law-abiding Craigslist user into engaging in sex-crime activity, rather than responding to those already engaged in the activity. Entrapment is a common defense in such cases.

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