Petit Theft Charges

A petty theft charge, or "Petit theft" charge, occurs when an person steals from an individual or business in the amount of $300 or less. Petit theft can arise from a simple mistake, psychological disorder, or even a malicious fabrication from a single individual.

Distracted shoppers may leave a store forgetting they even picked up an item. Psychological disorders such as kleptomania can render a person incapable of exercising any self-control.

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Petit Theft vs. Felony Theft

Generally, the penalties for a theft charge will vary depending on the value of the alleged stolen item. Anything at or above $300 will result in a felony charge. In addition, prior convictions can act to enhance the charge from a mere misdemeanor to a felony (for example, petit theft with two priors).

In some cases, you may be eligible for a diversion program that will ultimately result in a dismissal. Proper presentation of your defense to a jury may also result in an acquittal.

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