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Alibi Mistaken Identity


A good alibi (proving you were somewhere else when the crime occurred) can be a great defense. An alibi can be established by:

  • Testimony from witnesses to your whereabouts
  • Surveillance videos showing your location
  • Your own cellphone data

Speaking of cellphones, nobody really goes anywhere without them in hand. Certain apps track your phone everywhere it goes, even if you are not using the app at the time. Also, if your phone is on, it pings the nearest cell tower, even when you are not making a call or texting. That information can be subpoenaed and used to show you were somewhere else.

In addition, eyewitness identification can be attacked by cross-examining the witness regarding:

  • Lighting: Was it too dark to see clearly?
  • Face: Was the face obscured or covered?
  • Timing: Happened so fast, it was not enough time to get a good look.
  • Description: accused does not match
  • Attention: On something else, like the gun or the car? 
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